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Zac Cupples Human Matrix: The Code for Maximal Health and Performance

Pure Performance 19 Wexford Street, Needham

Course Objectives: Impact patient and client lives by maximizing movement variability and variance Normalize systemic joint range of motion to both reduce pain and improve how clients move with a few simple movements Integrate breathing into your practice to reduce your clients’ pain and improving movement capabilities Effectively coach squatting, deadlifting, pushing, pulling, and more […]


Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science by Greg Lehman

Pure Performance 19 Wexford Street, Needham

2020 EVENTS AT PURE PERFORMANCE TRAINING June 13-14 2020 RECONCILING BIOMECHANICS WITH PAIN SCIENCE BY GREG LEHMAN Hours: 9-5pm Saturday and 9-3pm on Sunday Course Description At its simplest, this is a BIOMECHANICS and PAIN SCIENCE course. Ideally, we've distilled the best of both to get the best approach to pain and injury management. Reconciling […]


Kyle Dobbs: Compound Performance Seminar

Pure Performance 19 Wexford Street, Needham

Kyle Dobbs will be identifying how principals, neuropsychology, and a new approach to training models can solidify and grow your business! This event is National Strength and Conditioning Association continuing education credits approved. Pricing:$299 for 2 Day seminar Buy Your Tickets About Kyle Dobbs: Kyle Dobbs is the owner and founder of Compound Performance which […]