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Client Testimonials

Working with Nick and the Pure Performance Training staff has been invaluable in improving my fitness, helping me to overcome injury setbacks, and taking my play to the next level. You’d be foolish not to seek them out.

Charlie Davies, NE Revolution, US National Team

After playing at the highest level all over the world I can confidently say I trust the PPT staff. Their programming is effective and engaging and always had me at my best on gameday! I’d recommend them to any athlete. 

Lee Ngyuen, MLS All-Star, MLS Best 11, NE Revolution, US National Team

Nick Rinaldi, Linebacker, Vanderbilt University

“I’ve been lucky to train at PPT. Not only does Kyle and the staff have a deep knowledge of training, but they also know how to get the best out of their athletes. I feel confident they’d the same for you.”

Harry Markell, Team Captain at Dartmouth College, Worcester Railers ECHL

Pure Performance Training is an elite training space with trainers who commit their time to pull the absolute best out of every one of their athletes. Coming back from injury, training at PPT was crucial in gaining my confidence and strength back. 

Shea Bollin, Forward, Duke University

Dr. Andrew Chapman, Orthopedic Surgeon

“I began working out at PPT when I was 14 and it’s where I’ve learned everything I know about strength training. The countless hours I spent at PPT has changed me and my game for the better and I’m very thankful for the help and teaching I have received from an amazing PPT staff.”

Hagan Ward, Pitcher, St. Sebastians, Notre Dame Commit

“Pure Performance has been my go to remedy for every physical injury and nagging pains I’ve had as a D1 athlete. A lot of trainers look for a quick fix leading but at pure performance they locate the root cause of the issue and leave you with a specific game plan tailored to your needs.”

JJ Levandowski, Midfielder, University of Vermont

Teo Spadaccini, Pitcher, Philips Andover, Yale University Commit

“I started going to PPT when I was in high school and have continued throughout college. Coming into college, having already had experience lifting (while other freshmen had not) put me a foot ahead of my other classmates and helped me both in my game and with injury prevention.”

Payton Ahola—Sr Field Hockey player, Williams College

“I’ve trained at many places over my career, and Pure Performance Training is simply the best. Not only does Nick and the whole team know how to get you to the next level, but they’ve creates an amazing environment for all ages that’s fun and motivating.”

Zack Herivaux, Midfield, FC Legion

Conor Tobin, Williams College, Tabor Academy

“Pure Performance training has played a crucial role in my training and development as an athlete. The personalized programs they create helped me reach my goal of becoming a Division 1 baseball player. I would recommend every athlete to train at PPT.”

Ryan Grundy, Dexter Southfield, Holy Cross Commit

“Pure Performance Training has helped me become a stronger and more confident athlete. Often times women feel out of place at the gym, but the trainers at Pure Performance have created an equal playing field for everyone to feel comfortable and succeed.”

Tatum Murray, Basketball, Gettysburg Commit

John Hegarty, Pitcher, St. Marks

“Suffering an injury at the back end of my professional career, I felt certain I was facing forced retirement. But when I went into Pure Performance to be evaluated, their urgent and detailed approach was evident, and I immediately knew this was the place that I needed. Without their guidance, I would no longer be playing pro soccer, and for that I am forever grateful.”

Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu, Harvard Univerity, Madison FC

“PPT are the best in the business. Nobody works harder to get more out of their athletes. Kyle and the team tailor your program to your body and goals. These are truly elite coaches who care as much about the person as the athlete. Couldn’t be happier than to have thee guys in my corner, helping me to chase my dreams of as a hockey player.”

Coleman Nee, New Jersey Titans, NAHL

Mitch Schroeder, Middlebury College


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