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Change the Way You Train

We combine years of coaching experience with cutting-edge science and technology to help you perform at your best and stay healthy.

Performance Looks Different for Everyone. Your Training Should too.

We know you’re the type of person who never wants to feel physically limited in your life. But with so much confusing and conflicting information out there, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Most training plans fail because they’re too generic. We cut through the empty promises, bogus research, and cheesy fitness indusrty gimmicks to provide you with a personalized program that meets you exactly where you are.

Live Without Limits

We’ve helped thousands of clients and athletes unlock their physical potential, turn weaknesses into strengths, and get an edge on their competition. Through a combination of world-class coaching and gold-standard technology, we want to help you build total confidence in your body—how you look and what you’re capable of.



Show up. Do the work. Get on with your life.

You’ll start with an assessment

so we can understand your starting point and goals, and match you with an experienced trainer to keep you optimized and on track.

We’ll build you a customized training program.

Your only job is to show up, work hard, and follow the plan. Leave all the details so us.

Get Record Results in Record Time.

Truly own you health and performance.

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Client Testimonials

Working with Nick and the Pure Performance Training staff has been invaluable in improving my fitness, helping me to overcome injury setbacks, and taking my play to the next level. You’d be foolish not to seek them out.

Charlie Davies, NE Revolution, US National Team

After playing at the highest level all over the world I can confidently say I trust the PPT staff. Their programming is effective and engaging and always had me at my best on gameday! I’d recommend them to any athlete. 

Lee Ngyuen, MLS All-Star, MLS Best 11, NE Revolution, US National Team

Nick Rinaldi, Linebacker, Vanderbilt University

“I’ve been lucky to train at PPT. Not only does Kyle and the staff have a deep knowledge of training, but they also know how to get the best out of their athletes. I feel confident they’d the same for you."

Harry Markell, Team Captain at Dartmouth College, Worcester Railers ECHL

Pure Performance Training is an elite training space with trainers who commit their time to pull the absolute best out of every one of their athletes. Coming back from injury, training at PPT was crucial in gaining my confidence and strength back. 

Shea Bollin, Forward, Duke University

Dr. Andrew Chapman, Orthopedic Surgeon


Stop performing below your potential and being sidetracked with pain and injuries. Start looking and feeling stronger, more resilient, and healthier than ever before.


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