Quickly Build Explosive Speed and Agility with a Proven System Designed for baseball players

What if you could start every season…

Measurably faster, quicker, and more explosive than you ever thought possible

Feeling like a video game character whose speed burst is turned up to 99%

Confident knowing you have that “extra gear” on the field and between bases

Hi, I’m Adam 👋

I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and the owner of Pure Performance Training

For over a decade, my team and I have helped thousands of athletes at every level to dramatically improve their performance, overcome injuries, and take their game to the next level. 

And I’m BJ 👋

I’m a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Medical Director for the New England Ruffnecks.

Before becoming a founding memebr of Pure Performance Training, I served as the ATC for Cornell University, Harvard University, and was the first Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Boston Red Sox.

But enough about us, let’s talk about why you’re really here…

because speed kills

As you well know, speed is the ultimate difference-maker when it comes to success on the field.

The athlete with the greatest ability to accelerate, decelerate, and change direction will have a huge advantage over their competition.

But despite knowing the adage ‘speed kills,” only a small percentage of coaches have a systematic approach to developing their athletes’ speed, agility, and quickness.

And that’s what I want to give you.

A proven system that won’t just give you the ability to run fast in a straight line—although, yes, we’ll do that too—but laterally, in short bursts, and dynamically in the field.

Because if you want to be a Total Package Athlete, you must be able to apply your speed rapidly and accurately in game situations.

That level of reactivity and coordination takes practice and reps.

The good news?

Young athletes are like a ball of putty, easily molded by whatever stimulus they’re exposed to.

Right now—while you’re in a developmental window—is the time to build the motor skills and muscular adaptations necessary for breakaway speed and explosiveness.

ESPN highlight reels are filled with fast-moving, high-flying plays because speed is the tide that lifts all boats.

“I began working out at PPT when I was 14. The countless hours I spent at PPT made me a faster, more explosive player.  My game is forevever better off I’m very thankful for the help and teaching I have received from an amazing PPT staff.”

Hagan Ward, Notre Dame Baseball

The problem?

Outdated methods—like agility ladders and wind sprints—that might look good on an Instagram story but do very little to make you better.

Rationalizations about why athletes don’t make any progress—It’s all genetics. You can’t teach fast, right?



How do I know?

Because when it comes to speed, it’s not where you are in the absolute sense; it’s about where you are relative to where you have the potential to be.

I’ve seen countless players labeled too slow or heavy-footed dramatically improve their speed, agility, and force production.

I can confidently say that what’s keeping you average instead of savage isn’t a lack of talent or effort.

It comes down to one simple thing…

You’re missing a practical framework that connects all aspects of speed with proper technique, optimal biomechanics, and all-around athleticism.

I’ve spent the last decade testing, tweaking, and experimenting with the same speed-training methods used by Olympic and D1 track coaches.

I’ve distilled everything I know into a simple, effective, progressive system that will not only teach you to become devastatingly fast but also a more powerful, versatile, injury-proof athlete.

And I’m willing to share.

That’s why I’m so excited to bring the Winter Speed program to you.

“When I first came to Pure Performance, I was transitioning to becoming a pitcher, fresh off multiple shoulder injuries. Without the help of Pure Performance, adding strength I wouldn’t have been able to add the power, mobility and velocity numbers college coaches want to see.”

Teo Spadaccini, Yale University Baseball

Winter Speed

winter Speed is a four-week,
speed and agility training program

Designed to empower you with everything you need to improve your speed, agility, and explosiveness.  

We combine cutting-edge sports science technologies with practical drills and sport-specific games to reinforce learning. All in a fun, competitive environment. 

We use objective testing, allowing us to gather data to build custom speed and athletic profiles for each athlete.   

We use Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates to measure braking and propulsive capabilities, identify left/right imbalances, and laser timers to measure acceleration and agility with precision.  

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:

  • A dynamic warm-up to prime your neuro-muscular system for optimal force production and movement mechanics.
  • What to do (and not to do) when it comes to stretching and recovery to maximize your performance.
  • Why most young athletes have a slow first step…and how to quickly overcome it.
  • The often overlooked but vital role posture, arm action, and body position play in linear acceleration.
  • The most effective multi-directional speed drills and variations to increase foot speed, coordination, and acceleration.
  • How to confidently ‘cut on a dime’ (even if it seems like a lost cause right now) without getting hurt.
  • The shuffle, crossover, and other fielding and base-running skills you must know to make an impact
  • A proven formula for using jumps and bounds to supercharge your power development and increase soft tissue resilience.


“I started training at PPT when I was 13 and consistently trained there throughout college. They helped me learn key movement patterns and develop strength that clearly translated to on-field performance. The group training environment pushed me to challenge myself and led to a number of long-lasting friendships.”

Mitch Schroder, Middlebury College Baseball

Program Structure and Costs

Winter Speed is FOUR WEEK program, running January 29th – March 2

**(Ummm…isn’t that five weeks? Yes, it is. We’re running an extra week because we know some families go away over February break and we don’t want anyone missing out.)

Training Times: M-F  5pm and 6pm; Saturday 9am and 11am


2 sessions/week = $480  

3 sessions/week = $600  

4 sessions/week = $720

Location: Pure Performance Training in Needham (right down the road from the Ruffneck’s facility)

Who’s it for? Winter Speed is available for all ages 12 and up


Participating players will receive a personalized Athletic Profile report displaying their vertical jump, braking and peak propulsive force metrics, and acceleration.

Reports not only show players’ strengths and areas of opportunity for improvement but also show where you rank on a percentile basis relative to other athletes of similar age (names are kept anonymous).


A downloadable copy of our 28-page eBook, Pure Performance Training’s Guide to Long-Term Athletic Development. Where you’ll discover, among other topics:

  • The reasons most injury-prevention programs fail (including stretching).
  • Why player health is the crucial variable in any performance program.
  • A holistic performance model that transfers gains in the gym to your play on the field.
  • How working backward from the game can lead to devastating results in a fraction of the usual time.
  • An athlete profiling system that uses biomechanical and physiological assessments to maximize dominant qualities and minimize limiting factors (beyond just speed).
  • A year-round programming strategy that enables you to make continuous improvements even during the season (while avoiding overtraining