Stop Wasting Time on Random Tactics and Finally Experience a Training Method that Matches Your Sport, Goals and Competitive Drive

What if you could START every season primed for speed, agility, and explosiveness on the court?

What if you could PLAY all season at peak performance without constantly worrying about breaking down or getting injured? 

What if you could FINISH every season feeling fresh, focused, and ready to attack the offseason?

Hi, by the way. I’m Adam Vogel; 

I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and owner of Pure Performance Training in Needham.

For over a decade, my team of trainers and therapists have helped thousands of top-tier competitors unleash their full potential, crush personal records, turn weaknesses into strengths and strengths into superpowers.

We understand the challenges facing youth athletes at every level. As well as the stakes.

Managing school, practice, and a busy schedule can feel like walking on a tight rope while doing one of those Harlem Globetrotter gags where you spin basketballs in both hands and one on top of your head.

I should mention that we take what we do seriously but try not to take ourselves too seriously?

Sports are supposed to be fun!

What isn’t fun is being told you’re: 

“Too small “… “Too slow”… “Too injury prone”… “Better luck next year.”

I hear the stories all the time. 

The game has evolved, and the players must too. It’s not like it was “back in the day.” 


Skills and talent aren’t enough anymore.

Why do so many athletes struggle to break through to the next level?

because they lack the tools and resources necessary to make the leap from good to great.

It’s not your fault. The amount of confusing and contradictory information you see online and on social media only compounds the problem.

You’d think that the world of sports performance would be an open forum propelled by science and research and applied to an ever-changing understanding of the human body.

But it’s not.

Even at the highest levels of sport, athlete health and performance are hopelessly disconnected from the needs of individual players. It’s no wonder athletes are unsure about the best ways to train, eat, and recover.

Many different fields–Nutrition, Exercise Science, and Physical Therapy–have shone their flashlights into different parts of this cave, but the work is siloed and incomplete.

And this puts us in a position to play a completely different game.

Our multi-disciplinary “Dream Team” looks at problems from every angle–identifying root causes, not just chasing symptoms–and crafting holistic solutions.

We combine cutting-edge science, with practical, battle-tested methods in a collaborative, motivating environment, to give our athletes an unfair advantage over the competition.

(Did I mention it was fun, too?)

We connect the dots–seeing the forest, not just the trees–so you can approach any challenge with confidence.

We remove the stress and guesswork–so you can stay focused on what matters: improving every day.

It’s not magic. And there is work involved. If you think going through the motions is enough, we’re probably not for you.


If you have a vision for your life that isn’t confined by limitations or other people’s expectations.


You’re the type of person who likes to be in control of your destiny, fix what’s broken, and believes no matter the circumstances, something can always be done to improve.

Then let me introduce you to a new program called Performance Longevity.

Performance Longevity 

Develop the Deep Skills That Give Winners Their Edge

Strong isn’t enough

Most decent programs can pile on enough training to make an athlete stronger.

But how many athletes are flashes in the pan, flaming out after one good season?

It’s also about longevity and durability. It is finding ways to improve year-over-year.

For that, you need to match the strengths and weaknesses of the individual player to the demands of the sport and position.

It sounds straightforward until you consider differences in biomechanics, anthropomorphics (height and boney shape), muscle fiber recruitment, energy system dominance, prior training, and injury history.

That’s why each player begins with a comprehensive evaluation where deficits, asymmetries, and movement competencies are identified, and a customized program is designed to meet players where they are.

Performance Longevity unfolds in three phases. Each block has a distinct focus that is scientifically designed to rapidly accelerate your results while avoiding costly injuries. 


We’ll establish a baseline of training habits and movement skills that build your foundation. Volume is high with a focus on balance, strength, and endurance.

You’ll discover:

– How to properly warm up using strategic soft-tissue and mobility drills to bulletproof your body and stay healthy all season. 

– Tailored exercises for building base levels of strength to jump higher and dominate in the paint


– The right way to absorb and transfer force when changing directions…the number one place non-contact injuries occur


You’ll accumulate more training volume with an increase in intensity as you move and perform at higher levels. Training volume and intensity are moderately high before the season starts.

You’ll discover:

– The keys to building explosive power for driving the lane and creating breakaway speed


– Our top three methods for building an enormous aerobic engine to improve endurance and enhance recovery between games…even late in late season

– The secrets to building “ankle-breaking” multi-directional speed  


Phase Three combines all program elements to “lock in” strength gains and body composition. Volume decreases to minimize fatigue while intensity is maintained.

You’ll discover:

– The how to use “rebound” days to expedite recovery, guaranteeing continuous progress while avoiding overtraining

– Straightforward lifestyle, nutrition, and hydration strategies to carry you into postseason play

– How to keep the momentum going and overcome obstacles that have derailed you in the past

Performance Longevity

Program Structure and Costs

The program is designed for a small group format with a maximum 1:5 coach-athlete ratio.

Groups run every day in the afternoon and evenings.

Step One: Choose the number of times per week you want to train (2x/week or 3x/week)

Step Two: Choose days and times that work best for you (M/W/F, T/TH/Sat, etc.)

Step Three: Schedule your initial evaluation (approximately 30-minutes)

Step Four: Sit back, let us handle the details from there.


The program is 12-weeks long.

2x/week = $55/per session. Billed in three, four-week phases of $440. Total cost $1,320

3x/week = $50/per session. Billed in three, four-week phases of $600. Total cost $1,800

An Unbeatable Guarantee: Try it for 30-days 100% Risk-Free

We’ve packed a ton of high-quality information into the Performance Longevity program, and I want to make sure you’re able to integrate it into your daily life and make sure that it is really working for you.

If you’ve come to all the sessions and don’t feel that your expectations were blown away for any reason, I insist you get back 100% of your money back.

Our reputation is everything, and we have zero interest in selling anything you don’t feel is worth multiple times its value.

Personal Training (Basketball)

12 weeks 2x week

Personal Training (Basketball)
12 weeks 3x week