Stop Wasting Time on Random Tactics and Start Developing the Skills that Give the Best Soccer Players Their Edge

What if you could START every season faster, more explosive, and better conditioned?

What if you could PLAY all season without constantly worrying about breaking down or getting injured?

What if you could FINISH the season feeling better than when you started?

Hi, I’m Nick Downing.

I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and retired member of the Men’s U.S. National Team and New England Revolution.

After my playing career, I spent five years with the Revolution overseeing player health, performance, and readiness.

Now I work with athletes at all levels–from youth to college to pro–to improve their speed, agility, endurance, and recovery.

Together, with my team at Pure Performance Training, we’ve helped thousands of athletes to unleash their full potential, on and off the pitch.

“Working with Nick and the Pure Performance Training staff has been invaluable in improving my fitness, helping me to overcome injury setbacks, and taking my play to the next level. You’d be foolish not to seek them out.”

Charlie Davies, NE Revolution, US National Team

Skills and talent aren’t enough anymore.

The game has evolved; it’s faster and more competitive than ever. 

Some players make the leap from good to great while others get stuck.

How can we do better?

I’ve been obsessed with answering this question my entire career.  

I’ve dissected how the best players built their success, how they navigate injuries, and overcame setbacks–what they eat, how they train, and basically every other tip on how they made it. 

And I’ve tested every training method, diet, and recovery protocol on myself as an athlete.  

Here’s one thing that seems obvious to me: skills and talent aren’t enough. 

To get the edge, you must continue to develop and improve. 

Some players hit a certain level of success, then plateau. 

Meanwhile, the most successful ones are quietly playing a completely different game.  

It’s not enough to just train harder. You must train smarter

“After playing at the highest level all over the world I can confidently say Nick is someone I fully trust. His programming is effective and engaging and always had me at my best on gameday!”

Lee Ngyuen, MLS All-Star, MLS Best 11, PSV Eindhoven, NE Revolution, US National Team

It’s hard knowing where to start

There’s so much confusing information online and in social media it can feel overwhelming.

Even at the highest levels of sport, athlete health and performance are hopelessly disconnected from the needs of individual players. 

It’s no wonder athletes today are unsure about the best ways to train, eat, and recover.

Many different fields have shone their flashlights into different parts of this cave, but the work is siloed and incomplete.

And this puts us in a rather unique position.

Our multi-disciplinary team looks at problems from every angle–identifying root causes, not just chasing symptoms–and crafting complete solutions.

We combine cutting-edge science with battle-tested methods to give our athletes an unfair advantage over the competition.

Our mission is to connect the dots–seeing the forest, not just the trees–so you can approach any challenge with confidence.

“Nick was a key part of our team getting to an MLS cup and open cup final. He always ensured our bodies were ready to compete at the highest level. Not matter what we needed; he was always there for us! “

Andrew Farrell, MLS All-Star, #1 Draft Pick, NE Revolution

It’s not magic. And there is work involved. If you think going through the motions is enough, we’re probably not for you.


If you have a vision for your game that isn’t confined by limitations or other people’s expectations.


You’re the type of person who likes to be in control of your destiny and believes no matter the circumstances, something can always be done to improve.

Then let me introduce you to our signature program called Performance Longevity.

Performance Longevity 

Develop the Deep Skills That Give Winners Their Edge

 The Secret Skill of Performance Longevity

Being strong and fast isn’t enough for lasting success.  

How many great athletes are flashes in the pan?

For us, it’s about longevity and durability. Making improvemnts year-over-year. 

We all know generic, cookie-cutter training programs don’t work. 

You must match the strengths and weaknesses of the individual player to the demands of the sport and position. 

That’s why each player begins with a comprehensive evaluation where movement limitations and asymmetries can be identified, and a customized program designed to meet players where they are

“Working with Nick and Pure Performance Training was incredible. I was able to prepare properly for preseason while also maintaining my fitness in-season. The care Pure Performance takes in helping build strength and speed while also helping injury prevention has been key to my longevity in MLS. It really helped to take my game to the next level. “

Teal Bunbury, MLS Champion, US National Team

Performance Longevity unfolds in three phases.


We’ll establish a baseline of training habits and movement skills that build your foundation. 

You’ll discover:

– Strategic soft-tissue release and joint mobility drills to bulletproof your body from injury. 


– The best exercises for building base levels of strength to run faster and kick with more power. 


You’ll accumulate more training volume with an increase in intensity . 

You’ll discover

– The keys to building explosive power for a quicker first step and breakaway speed.

– The keys to “ankle-breaking” multi-directional speed  


Phase Three combines all program elements to “lock in” gains. 

You’ll discover

–  How to use “rebound” days to expedite recovery and avoiding overtraining 

– Straightforward lifestyle, nutrition, and hydration strategies that will fuel peak performance throughout the season. 

Performance Longevity – Spring Session Program Structure and Costs

The Summer session begins on June 27th.  

Blocks run in 4-week increments M-F.

Once the program is full the next enrollment opportunity won’t be until the Fall. 

Step One: Choose the number of times per week you want to train (2x/week or 3x/week)

Step Two: Choose the days and times that work best for you.

Step Three: Schedule your initial evaluation (approximately 30-minutes)

Step Four: Sit back, let us handle the details from there.

Exclusive Bonus

As much as we love getting you stronger, fitter, and more explosive in the gym, we also know the ultimate goal is to become a better soccer player!

So, as part of this program we’re giving you exclusive access for personalized soccer instruction from the pros. 


One Day Breakaway Speed Camp with Nick Downing (Date and time TBD)


  • The keys to a faster first-step 
  • How to develope explosive power for sprinting
  • Acceleration and top-end mechanics 
  • Appropriate progressions and program planning for all abilities


The Details


Here’s what you get:


Comprehensive Movement Assessment 


8, 12, or 16 weeks of Done for you Custom Programming and Coaching


One Day Breakaway Speed Camp with Nick Downing


@ 2x/week = $55/per session. Billed in four-week phases of $440.


@ 3x/week = $50/per session. Billed in four-week phases of $600.

Personal Training (Soccer)

2x week

Personal Training (Soccer)
3x week

An Unbeatable Guarantee: Try it for 30-days 100% Risk-Free

We’ve packed a ton of high-quality information into the Performance Longevity program, and I want to make sure you’re able to integrate it into your daily life and make sure that it is really working for you. 

If you’ve come to all the sessions and don’t feel that your expectations were blown away for any reason, I insist you get back 100% of your money back. 

Our reputation is everything, and we have zero interest in selling anything you don’t feel


Common Questions 

How is this program different from others like it?

Most sport specific training programs are broadly designed around the attributes and demands of the sport. It sounds straightforward, except it overlooks the most important variable: the athlete.

See, athletes aren’t blank slates. There are substantial variations in height, skeletal shape, muscle fiber make-up, and underlying physiology that impact the way you move, how you adapt to stress, and your predisposition toward certain injuries.

That’s why we identify these variables BEFORE the start of the program through a targeted assessment, so you can be confident that what you’re getting is what you need. 

What does a training session look like?

It depends. Every player’s program is tailored to their specific needs. Some programs might be more focused on endurance, while others more on speed or power development. 

In the broadest sense, programs will follow a three-phase progression model, including warm-ups, biomechanics, speed and explosiveness drills, resistance training, and player-specific conditioning. 

How do I sign-up?

Click the button on the page that corresponds to the number of times per week you would like to train. That will take you to a sign-up page where you can create a profile and enter payment information.   

How does scheduling work?

Once you’ve signed-up for the number of times per week you want to train (2x or 3x/week), we will contact you to book times that work best for you. You can book all your appointments for the full 12-weeks, or schedule as you go, based on availability. 

What if I have zero experience in a gym?

Great. Welcome. We love beginners.

Is it safe for kids to weight train?

In a word, yes. The safety and efficacy of resistance training for middle school and high school athletes is clear and well established in the research.  

Also keep in mind that weight training is only one component of a larger, multi-pronged strategy aimed at all-around physical development. For most middle schoolers, much of their exposure to weight training will focus on learning proper form and mechanics, not setting world records.

Will I get big and bulky?

Bodybuilding style workouts with lots of isolation exercises (think bicep curls or leg extensions) have very little carryover to dynamic, full-body athletic activities, like soccer. Carrying excessively large muscles doesn’t either.

Our program keeps the goal the goal. We focus on training that corresponds to your athletic demands. We’re not interested in turning you into Arnold Schwarzenegger (no disrespect to the Governator intended). 

What if I’m injured?

That’s a tricky question because it depends on the nature and extent of the injury, phase of healing, and other variables best left to a medical professional. If you have any concerns specific to participation with an injury, you can contact me directly and I will set up a joint consultation with our Physical Therapist, Dr. Conor Nordengren.

Can I do the program on my own?

You could. Technically. I guess. But I don’t recommend it. Over a twenty-year career working with kids and adults it is very clear that information alone isn’t enough. There will be questions that arise, tweaks that need to be made, limiting beliefs or changes in circumstances to overcome. And for that, you’ll need coaching. 

Why is it so expensive?

Let’s be honest, price is the pink elephant in the room. It’s the first thing 99% of our best, long-term clients were concerned about when they first started, too. 

So, let’s talk about. 

I could tell you about all the accomplishments of our staff, or brag that we’ve worked with thousands of youth and professional athletes, but I think most decent facilities would say the same thing. And they’d be lying to you.

Just kidding. The truth is we are priced at the high end of the market for youth sports training. There are cheaper alternatives. That is…if you believe you’re getting an analogous product and comparable level of expertise. Which you are not. Not kidding.

We offer a premium service, and we charge premium prices. It’s not for everyone. I’m not saying otherwise. But I can tell you the reason we’ve been in business for so long–because of the value we give to our clients. 

At the risk of belaboring the point, value is the peace of mind you get knowing you’re in hands of an exceptional team who will guide through a complex, multi-stage journey with–often–unpredictable twists and turns. And we’ll do it knowledge, experience, and care that you won’t find anywhere else. 

The price is just what you pay for all of that. 

Personal Training (Soccer)

2x week

Personal Training (Soccer)
3x week

“Whether it is off-season training, return to play, or improving performance, Nick and Pure Performance is who I always turn to. They’re versatile and knowledgeable, and the best when it comes to on-field specifics.”

Keyln Rowe, Seattle Sounders, NE Revolution, Men’s U.S. National Team

“Nick is phenomenal at putting his athletes in the best position to succeed. He had programs designed for me to grow and prepare in the off-season and to keep me fit, healthy and fresh in season.” 

-Scott Caldwell, 10yr MLS Veteran, NE Revolution, Real Salt Lake