What if you could…

Restore optimal function and range-of-motion to your joints and tissues.

Stop playing wack-a-mole with chronic pain, dysfunction, and injury.

Have total confidence that your training is working for your body, not against it.

Hi There,

My name’s Adam Vogel. I’ve been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for over 20 years. My team and I have helped thousands of people to improve athletic performance, avoid injury, and continue doing the things they love for as long as possible.

We do this by combining deep knowledge of exercise science and with the latest treatment and injury-prevention methodologies from the world of Sports Medicine

I could go on and on, but that’s not why you’re here.

Let’s talk about you…

The human body is a miraculous, adaptable, nearly unstoppable survival machine


It might not be apparent day-to-day, but you were designed to do great things – scale mountains, cross vast oceans, and carve paths across continents.


And to do so under extreme physical conditions, like dangerous heat and cold, exhaustion, hunger, and sleep deprivation.


Striving for increasingly higher levels of performance is part of the human condition. It’s who you are. It’s who we are.


Growth – physically and psychologically – drives the human spirit.


But all this potential can be brought to a grinding halt by injury.


Achilles pain, that dull ache in your hamstring, or the tension in your lower back are signal flares. The first red flags of a deeper problem that could derail an entire training program.


Or worse, stick around for months or years unresolved.


Our answer to these challenges?


Ice. Rest. Ibuprofen. 


Or a bizarre collection of Physical Therapy exercises that don’t resemble the physical, biomechanical, or energetic demands of sport.


How many hours of passive stretching, and foam rolling must we do before realizing the changes never stick?


Human tissue is part of complex biological system. One that is isn’t tunable by pulling on it like a piano string. It would be nice if it were that simple.


Unfortunately, much of the advice you see online and percolating on social media is hopelessly disconnected from the needs of individual athletes. 


It’s no wonder athletes are unsure about the best ways to maximize recovery from training and keep injuries at bay.


Bulldozing your way through pain and burying nagging injuries with new shoes and anti-inflammatory medications isn’t thriving; it’s surviving.


Luckily, there’s a better way.


We’ve helped thousands of athletes – people in their 40, 50s, and beyond – unlock their full potential, turn off pain and weaknesses, and extend their athletic career with our unique Performance Physical Therapy model.


For athletes who…

Want to overcome pain and reverse injuries while enjoying the process.

Have a vision for their life that isn’t confined by limitations or the effects of age or injury.

Are willing to do the work to heal what’s unhealthy and fix what’s broken.

Believe that no matter the circumstances, something can always be done to improve.

Allow me to introduce…

Performance longevity

My sincere hope, if you’ve suffered from aches and pains or are frustrated by injuries, this will be the last program you’ll ever need.

Performance Longevity, our brand of Performance-based Physical Therapy, is designed for athletes who understand it’s not just about training harder it’s also about recovering smarter and becoming more durable.

Our three-part evaluation and treatment approach uncovers and deals with underlying asymmetries and imbalances that can limit your progress and lead to excess wear-and-tear. 


This is ground zero for ensuring your joints, tendons, and ligaments are ready for the demands of training. 
You’ll discover:
– How your skeletal orientation – a combination of your genetics and training history – biases you toward certain movement patterns that can lead to overuse injuries.
– Six simple mobility tests we use to identify left/right imbalances, the most common sources of non-contact sports injury.

Muscle activation and breathing techniques that unlock stiff joints and ease tight muscles without needing to stretch constantly.


We’ll create a customized therapeutic exercise and recovery program based on your specific anatomy, goals and injury history. 

You’ll Get: 
– A prescription for the exact exercises you should be doing, or avoiding, to guarantee continuous progress and promote recovery.

– Guidelines for incorporating positional breathing exercises and strategic soft-tissue release drills into your warm up and cool down protocols.

– A 30-minute follow-up consultations to make sure all exercises are being done with proper form and execution. 


Our fully guided rehab and recovery program that combines all program elements to “lock-in” improvements for race day. 
You’ll get: 
– Eight PT/Recovery manual therapy session (2x per week…most people save 1-2 sessions for after race day).

– Guided therapeutic exercised to reinforce tissue changes and neuromuscular control. 

– Ongoing support around injuries, exercises, training volume, or any other related questions as they come up

Stop wasting your time chasing random tactics

Performance Longevity is based on scientific principles and battle-tested strategies that work, plain and simple. 

Traditional PT has been failing to meet the needs of high performance athletes for decades.
That’s why we’ll do the real work, going deep to uncover the problems behind your problems that are holding you back.
Where do you need the most help, right now? 
What are you already good at that we can build on?

The Details

Performance Longevity is available at a sharp discount for DS Triathletes from now until race day, September 24th. 

Option One: Alignment and Adaptation

You get: A comprehensive movement screen and evaluation + a custom recovery plan + a 30-minute follow appointment to ensure proper form and execution.

COST = $150 (normally $350 ) 

 Option TwoAlignment, Adaptation, Evolution

You get: The same as above + 8 PT/Recovery sessions with our Performance Physical Therapist. 

COST = $1,440 (normally $2,105)

*We are an out-of-network PT provider, meaning we don’t accept health insurance. However, we can provide receipts for treatment that may be eligible for reimbursement. Unsure about your plan? Ask us. We can help. 

To get started…simply send us an email: