Quickly Build Explosive power and quickness with a Proven System Designed for HOCKEY

What if you could start every season…

Measurably faster, more explosive, and better conditioned than ever before.

Feeling like a video game character whose power rating is turned up to 99%.

Confident knowing you have that “extra gear” to blow past opponents.

Hi, I’m Adam 👋

I’m a long-time resident and a youth sports coach in Sudbury. We’ve probably bumped into each other on a sideline before. 

I’m also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and the owner of Pure Performance Training

For over a decade, my team has helped thousands of athletes to improve their performance, overcome injuries, and take their game to the next level.

But it’s not like it was “back in the day…”

Talent Alone isn’t enough

Every high-level hockey program in the country has a team of professionals dedicated to helping their athletes stay healthy and make continuous improvements.

And not just their bench press and squat numbers – but speed, explosiveness, reactivity, coordination, mobility, and movement efficiency.


Because you’ll only get so far as a one-trick-pony. At higher levels of competition, you’ll need to be a Total Package Athlete. 

That’s why we combine all aspects of athletic training with cutting-edge science and practical, battle-tested programs, giving our athletes an unfair advantage over the competition.

More importantly, we remove the stress and guesswork so you’re always 100% certain you’re doing the right things in the gym to elevate your performance on the ice.

Here’s the thing – a lot goes into writing a good program. 

Exercise selection matters. Exercise order matters. How training stressors (speed, power, strength, conditioning) align with a training day and phase matter. 

Now, it’s not magic. And there is work involved.

(Candidly, we’re probably not for you if you just want to go through the motions.)


If you’re the type of person who likes to be in control of your destiny, fix what’s broken, and believe that something can always be done to improve.

Then NOW is the time to start putting in the work.

I entered Pure Performance Training and immediately knew I was in the right spot. Not only does the gym have specialized equipment, but their customized programming aided me in reaching my goal of playing hockey at the professional level.

Coleman Nee, NJ Titans NAHL

The Good News?

Young athletes are like a ball of putty, easily molded by whatever stimulus they’re exposed to.

Right now—while you’re in a developmental window—is the best time to build the motor skills and muscular and connective tissue adaptations necessary for explosive speed and strength.

What’s mindboggling is that very few athletes and coaches have a systematic approach to developing these skills.

I see programs daily that claim to be designed for athletes, yet they’re little more than repurposed bodybuilding routines from the 1980s.

Or worse, random drills and unnecessarily complicated exercises that look good on Instagram reels but have nothing to do with the needs of individual players.


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I can confidently say that what’s keeping you average instead of savage isn’t a lack of talent or effort.

It comes down to one simple thing…

You’re missing a practical framework that connects all aspects of athleticism: proper technique, optimal biomechanics, speed, strength, and agility.

I’ve spent the last decade testing, tweaking, and experimenting with the same methods used by professional sports teams, Olympic, and D1 strength coaches.

I’ve distilled everything I know into a simple, effective, progressive system that will teach you to become a devastatingly fast, more powerful, versatile, injury-proof athlete.

And I’m willing to share. 

I’m so excited to launch my Hockey Strength and Speed program.

Pure Performance has been my go-to remedy for every physical injury and nagging pain I’ve had as an athlete. Many trainers look for a quick fix leading, but at pure performance, they locate the root cause of the issue and leave you with a specific game plan tailored to your needs.

Conor Tobin, Forward, Williams College

hockey Strength and Speed

hockey Strength and Speed is an off-ice 
training program

Designed to empower you with everything you need to improve your strength, speed, agility, and explosiveness.  

We combine weight training, plyometrics, mobility, and aerobic conditioning with practical drills and sport-specific movements to reinforce learning. All in a fun, competitive environment.    

Every athlete starts with a comprehensive assessment where we build a biomechanical and athletic profile for targeted programming.

We use Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates to measure braking and propulsive capabilities, identify left/right imbalances, and laser timers to measure athletes’ acceleration and agility with precision.  .  

I’ve been lucky to train at PPT. Not only does their staff have a deep knowledge of sports performance and biomechanics, but they also know how to get the best out of their athletes and keep them motivated. I feel confident they’d do the same for you. 

Harry Markell, Dartmouth College, Worcester Railers ECHL

Program Structure and Costs

Hockey Speed and Strength is available exclusively to member of the Lincoln-Sudbury Hockey community.

The program is 8-weeks, from Monday, June 17th until Friday August, 9th.

Jump in any time.

Sessions are four days per week: M, T, TH, F @ 9am AND 4pm (whatever works best for your schedule)

Total Cost: $350 for the entire summer!

Other days and times are available for additional cost.

Location: Pure Performance Training, 83 Union Ave., Sudbury

Contact us at info@pureperformancetraining.com to get started.