Pro Endorsements

Pro Endorsements
Pro Endorsements

“Having had the opportunity to work with Nick and the Pure Performance Training staff has been invaluable in improving my fitness, helping me to overcoming injury setbacks, and taking my play to the next level.  They have been trusted resources and friends throughout my career.  As a former player and coach, Nick brings a unique perspective to on- and off-season training.  He understands how to maintain the right balance between field training, strength work, and recovery to ensure his athletes are able to compete at the highest levels.  Any athlete looking to improve their conditioning and on-field readiness would be foolish not to seek them out.”

Charlie Davies, Philadelphia Union  

“Nick has been a tremendous help to me throughout my professional soccer career. His knowledge and techniques have given me the extra bit of strength and sharpness I need.  It is a pleasure to train in an environment where Nick and his PPT colleagues enjoy what they do and make it a very warm and welcoming place to be.

– Khano Smith, Professional Soccer Player, New England Revolution 

“Physical therapists are trained to return all patients back to activities of daily living.  As an orthopedic sports surgeon, I operate on a lot of athletes.  It is important to me and my patients that they not only return to activities of daily living, but that they exceed and go well beyond this.  I have full confidence in the athletic trainers and physical therapists at Pure Performance Training to bring my patients to this next level.  I only wish I could send all my patients to them“

– Dr. Andrew Chapman, Orthopedic Surgeon

 I have been working with Pure Performance Training since they opened.  I have been really impressed with their extremely professional and hands on approach to functional fitness and training. I have worked with all the trainers over the years and they are all extremely professional and knowledgeable, with a very comprehensive approach. There are several key elements that make pure performance training unique: 

1) Exceptional dedication to constantly changing and evolving workouts. I have been working with the trainers for over 3 years and have never repeated the exact same workout. The principle of muscle confusion is definitely applied!

2) A strong focus on injury prevention. As a physician, I have referred many of my patients to this group; my first hand knowledge about how they operate gives me full confidence that my patients greatly benefit from this model.

3) Functional awareness. I also greatly appreciate their dedication to the client. There is a lot of discussion about why they are doing what they are doing, and how it benefits you in both athletic performance as well as everyday use of our bodies

4) Fitness. As an avid cyclist, I enjoy pushing myself to the limit. There is no question that if you are begging for a hard workout, you will get one!

I have repeatedly recommended clients to Pure Performance Training due to the level of knowledge, professional and courteous attitude, and wide scale breath/depth of their training models. The focus on both athletic performance and functional training is outstanding. I give them my highest remarks and honors for their role in keeping their clients fit, functional, and healthy.”
–  Dr. James Levine, MD


“I have found the trainers at Pure Performance to be highly professional, and enthusiastically committed to the care of their clients.  They consistently provide workouts that are carefully tailored to an individual’s specific strengths and weaknesses. 

Kathie McCarthy’s physical therapy background adds tremendous value to the group.  Her depth of knowledge about human anatomy and injury prevention and recovery allows athletes of all ability levels to successfully navigate the transition from injury or post-operative state to resumption of full and independent exercise. I feel very confident referring my patients to this group.”
– Dr. Nancy Corliss, MD

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