Praise from Clients

Praise from Clients
Praise from Clients

“Adam and his team are some of the smartest people in the industry.  They’re not just there to put you through a workout – they realize that every client is different, they tailor programs to specific needs, and they incorporate tremendous physiological knowledge into their practice.  They have a passion for what they do.  Adam has been an invaluable partner in helping me to stay healthy and fit.”
– Mike A.

“I set up an appointment with Adam as a last ditch effort to avoid shoulder surgery.  After following Adam’s exercise programs, not only does my shoulder feel great, but my overall fitness and mobility are at peak levels.”
– Paul R.

“When I first met Adam, I was pregnant with my third child and suffering from sciatic like symptoms. Adam was able to work with me, teaching me a few simple exercises that I could do at home on my own time which resulted in an asymptomatic pregnancy. After my son was born I decided to continue with Adam working on a strength and cardiovascular training program to get my body back in shape after 7 years and 3 pregnancies. It has been about 6 months that I have been with Adam (post baby) and already my body has changed more than I anticipated. I feel stronger, more flexible, and healthier. Not only is Adam very knowledgeable regarding the techniques of the various exercises but also on the physiology of how it affects your body/ muscles to enable you to get the most out of your workout. Not to mention he also discusses nutrition and ways to have a healthier diet. He is more than your typical trainer. He is incredibly professional and fun to train with.”
– Cecile T.

Despite decades of high level training experience going back to college, my training experience with Nick Downing over the past two years has been a source of revelation for me.

Nick combines functional training with corrective movement techniques, opening up potential strength development locked up in dysfunctional movement patterns. The results have been amazing. I have become strong enough to do as a fundamental part of my workouts pull ups, dips, push ups, and other body weight exercises previously difficult to do. And the range of motion in my neck is now restored. At 61, I am on my way to becoming stronger, more balanced, and more fit.
Fred L.

“After working with BJ this past the winter I had the best baseball season of my career at Dartmouth. I was named All Ivy and All New England.  The knee problem I had come to him with was fine all year and I was in the best shape of my life. I will definitely be coming back to see him again this winter to get me back in shape for the next baseball season.”
– Mike P.

I came to see BJ last year for help with my shoulders (both with rotator cuff problems that the doctors told me qualified for surgery). He did a marvelous evaluation and put together an exercise program for me.  He also recommended a supplementation protocol for me to follow. 

After following BJ’s plan my shoulders are pain-free for the first time in a long time. I am stretching the left leg, which you indicated was shorter then the right leg and it seems to be making a tremendous difference.

I would recommend BJ and the staff at Pure Performance to anyone who has sought and been disappointed with traditional models of managing joint and muscle pain.
– Louise C.

“Through a series of regular visits Kathie dissolved the intense pain of traumatic injury to my lower back, beginning with my very first emergency appointment.  I have progressed to the point where I’m able to keep a moderate schedule of exercise to strengthen my core and whole body, and keep my back pain free as an outcome of her treatments.”
– Warren S.

“Mike is an extremely knowledgeable, professional and creative trainer.  I used to be an avid runner who never touched weights or ever considered joining a gym.  I have now been training with Mike for nearly two years.  He has introduced me to a whole new world including strength training and boxing.  The programs he designs change on a regular basis so your body does not get used to doing the same things over and over.  To ensure you are advancing, he performs a series of tests at the conclusion of each program where you see yourself make real progress.  Mike has high expectations and will work you incredibly hard but it is rewarding, never dull and well worth your efforts.  Anyone looking to get into great shape and be challenged in new ways will not be disappointed.”
– Kate M.

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