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Personal Training at Pure Performance goes beyond the standard fitness routine. After each client is evaluated, they are matched with the trainer or therapist who can best address their specific goals. There are no cookie-cutter programs, so each workout is customized to meet individual needs. Depending upon your program, each one-on-one session will include some work dedicated to:

    • Warm-up / muscle activation – Workouts begin with movement preparation training designed to activate the core and stabilizing musculature, and to correct muscular or postural imbalances that may be an obstacle to performance in any other part of the workout.
    • Strength Training – Strength work is focused on creating power, speed and symmetry in all of the body’s primal movement patterns – squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, forward bending, rotating and gait (walking/running). We utilize free weights, medicine balls, kettle bells, ropes, rings, and your own bodyweight to keep the workouts varied and interesting.
    • Metabolic Conditioning –We’re replacing long, slow miles on the treadmill with the latest high-intensity techniques for cardiovascular, body composition, and energy system training.
    • Warm-down / re-generation – At the conclusion of each workout we include a hands-on cool down where your trainer/therapist can specifically address any flexibility, soft-tissue, or neuromuscular issue that needs attention.


All athletes desire to be the best, yet very few ever achieve greatness. So what separates the truly great athletes from all the others? Given equal skill, the great divide comes down to physical conditioning.

The demands on youth athletes are reaching higher levels, at earlier ages than ever before. Meanwhile, injury rates and severity have steadily increased to epic proportions. Proper physical preparation is a critical component to ensure young athletes are able to meet and exceed the rigors of competition safely and effectively.

All programs begin with a comprehensive assessment of qualitative and quantitative abilities. This includes the fundamental movement requirements of the athlete, their sport and position. This helps identify the gap between where the athlete is and where he or she needs to be for optimal on the field performance.

Once the assessment is complete, specific abilities like power, strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance are prioritized in order of need for the athlete within the individually designed exercise program.

Reassessment at regular intervals assures consistent progress toward the athlete’s goals and his or her potential best performance.